Tom Taulli has over 20 years’ experience in the financial services industry. He is both a JD and an Enrolled Agent, which is the highest designation of the IRS. Tom also writes columns — for top websites like,, and — on tax and finance topics. What’s more, he is the author of eight books, including Taxes 2017: Saving A Bundle.

As for Pathway, Tom founded the business to help individuals and businesses with the following:

  • Advanced ProAdvisor For QuickBooks: Help with setup, training, conversions and ongoing bookkeeping and expert accounting reviews. Pathway also designs a system that will make filing your taxes much easier by linking Quickbooks transactions into Intuit’s tax software.
  • Taxes: We are Enrolled Agents, which means being admitted to practice before the IRS. This allows us unlimited access to IRS personnel to prepare and file all your Federal and State taxes and represent you in resolving all IRS tax matters. We do not work for the IRS, we work for you to obtain the most favorable possible outcome.
  • Consulting: We can provide advice to help with starting a business, finding more growth opportunities or obtaining loans or equity financing.

So let us know if you want a free initial consultation or have a question: